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Freeze Dried Fruits, Vegetables and Food Benefits

Fruits and Vegetables have a set amount of nutrients when harvested and begin to lose them the minute they are cut off from their food source. While it’s still on the vine, most people would undoubtedly think of that tomato as alive, but in fact, even after picking, fruits and vegetables remain alive. Once harvested, they begin to consume their own nutrients in order to stay alive. And in doing so this contributes to spoilage and loss of nutrients. As an example, Bananas lose 67% of vitamin C and 44% of Vitamin A within 10 days of being harvested.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a vast array of essential vitamins and minerals, and portions of these nutrients are not lost in the freeze-drying process. Freeze-dried produce is also low in calories. Many freeze-dried versions of your favorite fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C, such as bell peppers, which contain almost 31 mg of this nutrient. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables also supply a healthy amount of fiber, beta-carotene and potassium.

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