The Benefits Of Freeze Drying

The freeze drying process removes moisture and can preserve most fruits and vegetables.

The advantage of freeze drying is its ability to produce healthy, whole, nutritious food with a highly prolonged shelf life, it makes your food products accessible and convenient.

How freeze drying works

Freeze drying, also know as lyophilization, removes moisture from raw, frozen products through a vacuum system and a process called sublimation.

Frozen raw products are cut down to the desired size and spread evenly onto trays that are stacked and stored in freezers. The products freeze at an even cold temperature and can retain their original shape.

Then the trays are put into a sealed refrigerated freeze drying chamber. The chamber’s vacuum system removes the ice from the product and converts it to a vapor without going through the liquid state, this process is called sublimation. Since the water is removed from the product when it’s in a frozen state, the cell structure remains intact so the finished product closely resembles its fresh counterpart, mostly retaining its identity.

The Advantages of Freeze Drying

Below are some of the many benefits of integrating freeze dried ingredients into your diet.

  • Whole Food Nutrition

With all the mystery ingredients in our overly processed food these days many of us look for nutrition from real, high-quality food sources with recognizable ingredients. Because freeze dried foods are minimally processed, they can be clean, healthy ingredients, free from artificial, synthetic, and highly processed materials and preservatives. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables are real fruits and vegetables. This desire for nutrition from real and understandable food sources drives the appeal of verified, whole food claims from freeze dried fruits and vegetables.

  • Closest to Fresh

Freeze drying retains the nutritional value of food better than other drying methods such as dehydrating, preserving your food through freeze drying is an extremely efficient way to retain the nutritional benefits whole foods provide. Freeze-drying also preserves the color and shape of the original raw ingredients, insuring you are actually getting real fruits and vegetables in your diet. The flavor and aroma of freeze-dried ingredients closely resemble the the raw ingredients.

  • Variety

The ability to customize and blend freeze dried products give food processors the advantage of incorporating real fruits and vegetables into a huge variety of applications. The growing categories of freeze dried applications include breakfast, like hot and cold cereals, retail ready to eat snacks, as well as benefits like adding healthy whole fruit pieces to smoothies or beverages.

  • Customizing

Another advantage of freeze drying is the ability to customize. Freeze dried ingredients can be cut or ground into many different sizes and shapes; from whole fruits and vegetables down to fine powders. The finished product can be easily integrated into any blend or meal for a completely unique flavor profile.

  • Long Shelf Life

The shelf life of a given product is linked directly to the moisture content of the product. Removing water through freeze drying removes potential for bacterial growth. Moisture content varies from product to product, the average moisture content for freeze dried products is around 3%, which is very low. The actual length of shelf life for any given freeze dried product is dependent on packaging, storage temperature and the product itself, but freeze drying insures most products have a long shelf life, which is great for survival or emergency food, and also just a great healthy alternative when fresh whole foods are not an option or available.

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